How does Email Scanning Work?

Its a known fact that the emails we receive/ send are scanned before they reach us/intended recipient.
I thought of putting below a diagram describing how the entire stuff happens.

Email Scanning

Lets first discuss how the entire flow works in case of Incoming Mails.

  • All the incoming mails ( infected/clean) irrespective of there status are sent to the Antivirus software’s temporary folder where they are scanned for infections by the software.
  • In case, the Antivirus is not able to clean the mail, the item is moved to the quarantined items folder.
  • All clean/disinfected mails are then sent to the Exchange server from where they can be pulled by the Email Client.

In case of Outgoing mails, the following flow holds good.

  • All mails from the Email Client are pushed to the Exchange Server.
  • The mails are then moved to the Antivirus Software’s Temporary folder for scanning.
  • In case, the mail is found infected and is out of the scope of clean function, its moved to the Quarantined Items Folder.
  • All clean and disinfected mails are sent back to the Exchange server from where they are rolled out for the intended recipients.

Please note that this is a pseudo algorithm describing how Antivirus Softwares actually work. This might differ from software to software.

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Google Adsense : Roundup

Just thought of bringing out the Google Adsense related stuff from the archives for new readers. Hope you would appreciate it. This post is mainly centred around my previous posts particularly on Google Adsense. The posts below are marked as hyperlinks and can be accessed easily by clicking on them. In these posts, i have either tried to link or find the answers to some of the many questions often asked about Google Adsense.

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Open Coffee Club Bangalore: Meetup on 2nd September

It’s again time to notify you all of Open Coffee Club’s second meet which is scheduled to happen on 2nd September 2007 from 11AM – 1PM. The first meet was a grand success with 60 people participating.

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The venue and the timings for the second meet have also been kept the same as the first one. The meet however this time is planned to be more focussed on issues like Marketing 2.0 and Sales as proposed by Ramjee Ganti.

For those of you planning to attend the event can mark the attendance at UpComing ( ) .

For directions map of the venue, check the map on Brewhaha Site or on Google Maps.

Also, there is a Google Group for OCC Bangalore available at

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Tutorial: Find the IP Address of sender in Gmail.

Yes, you read it right. You can do it. This is the theory behind it; When you receive an email, the email comes with important information called the header information. The header information has entry of the IP address of the sender. Here is what you need to do to uncover this hidden information.

  1. Using your id/password, login to Gmail.
  2. Open the mail for which you wish to find the IP of the sender.
  3. Click on the inverted triangle placed just next to Reply. Click on Show Original
  4. You now need to look for Received:from followed by the IP within square brackets [ ] e.g. Received: from ( [])
  5. Also importantly, there are times when you might find multiple Received: from entries, in that case, please select the last one as the valid choice.

Similarly, IP Address of the sender can be tracked in Yahoo Mail and Hotmail as well. Will discuss about it in my coming posts.

P.S: This trick wont work on mails sent from Gmail. [Thanks to BGM for pointing to this]

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Gphone: Is it coming?

I talked to one of my inside sources at Google today. He spoke on conditions of anonymity, but the guy is someone I trust implicitly. He said that he was baffled at Google’s apparent internal confusion on the GPhone issue – that they’ve actually demo’ed the thing in public before.

He said that the Google (applications) Suite is going to play a huge role in the usability of the GPhone, and the thought process behind it’s functionality is less about beating the iPhone and more about beating the $100 Laptop, which provides a huge clue behind what will be the pricing structure on this. more>>



Excellent list of resources for Web2.0

Just came across an excellent resource list on Web 2.0 Stuff compiled by Everything Web2.0 blog. The list has amazing resources to help you build better.

Probably the most interesting ones are the frameworks, platforms and libraries for typical 2.0-stuff .
But watch out for all other pearls: bug & issue trackers, business intelligence solutions, database solutions, catalogue wares, design toolboxes, enterprise solutions, media editors, hosting & domain management & testing tools, media management solutions, mobile content delivery tools, site tour builders, hardcore telephony solutions, voice recognition tools, and more incidental code snippets, like URL shorteners, widget builders, Ajax & RIA apps.

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