[How-To]Transform any RSS feed into an iPhone friendly site.

If you own a blog or any rss feed which you wish to create a neat site out of it for your iPhone subscribers, DoYouFeed is the website to check. By the way this can as well be a good strategy for reader delight and also create a buzz about your blog.

doYouFeed logo

doYouFeed logo

In order to enable your feed or blog as an iPhone friendly site, follow the steps below

1.) Point your browser to http://www.doyoufeed.com/us/index.php

DoYouFeed Add site

DoYouFeed Add your site

2.) In the textbox titled Add feeds and sites, enter your feed or site URL and press Add.

3.) Once done, DoYouFeed will give you options to tune your settings further, though, all the basic settings look good.

Technofriends on iPhone

Technofriends on iPhone

4.) Scroll down to see your iPhone friendly site URL.

If you wish to access Technofriends from your iPhone, click here or bookmark http://tinyurl.com/64jtkv

Doyoufeed offers the following features

Your iPhone friendly site built from ground for you has a lit of useful features (and many more to come) :

  • Fast load and lightweight pages
  • iPhone optimized navigation
  • Mix several feeds in one unique site
  • Different themes available
  • Automatic page refresh
  • Relative date (2 hours ago, yesterday, monday…)
  • Preview of news content on the news list
  • Share news via email and social sites
  • Nothing to install on your iPhone
  • No registering required

Via: Makeuseof.com

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[News]Apple iPhone to be released in India by September 2008

So finally the news is out as reported by the Business Standard, Apple iPhone will be available in India from September 2008. Business Standard writes

“The carrier deal for India is being worked out with Vodafone,” said an Apple source, adding: “Vodafone could also become the carrier for the Australian market once iPhone is launched there, though more than one carrier is likely for Australia.”

Apple iPhone

The 8GB version of the Vodafone iPhone is expected to be shipped and sold in the first week of September, and the price is estimated to be in the range of Rs 28,000 to Rs 30,000. The 16GB version of the iPhone shall follow based on the sales figures.

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Bose’s iPod Docking Station: A clear winner

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Apple iPhone and iPod prices set to drop

Cleve Nettles from 9to5 reports that Apple is set to reduce the prices of iPhone and iPod models by as much as 100$ over the next 2 months.

Iphone and iPod

Cleve writes ” The price drops are likely to make some price spacing for the newer 3G iPhones that are expected to drop later this year – perhaps with the tablets.”

As per the website, the new prices are expected to be:

8Gb iPod Touch $199 8Gb iPhone – $299
16Gb iPod Touch $299 16Gb iPhone – $399
32Gb iPod Touch $399

Also, the clear indication that I am getting from reading the various blogs and News reports is that Apple is already working on the release of 3G iPhone and it may be priced around 499$.

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How to get free available memory in Java program

Continuing with our interest for java, I decided to write something about getting free avaialble memory in Java program. Below, i am putting the code snippet which will print the total and free memory at runtime to the console.

public class MemoryExp {
public static void main(String[] args) {

System.out.println(”Total Memory”+Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory());
System.out.println(”Free Memory”+Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory());



Gmail gets IMAP Support

Gmail has officially released IMAP Support for users. IMAP is a two way communication mechanism unlike POP. Earlier Gmail was only supporting POP. This meant that syncing the read mails was not possible from your favorite email client to Gmail Server. However, from now on, this two way syncing is possible. The list of Gmail’s supported email clients goes as Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook Express/2003/2007 and Windows Mail, Mail.app as well as the iPhone.


Official Gmail Blog states ” As we roll out the feature over the next couple of days, you will be able to use Gmail at work, in your car, or just about anywhere on any device, and actions you take will be automatically synced with Gmail on the web (and remember it works the other way too: anything you do on the Web will be seen on your phone or in your mail client). Just click the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab in your Gmail “Settings” and turn it on. (Psst. If you don’t see the “IMAP” in the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab, then check back soon. We are giving it to users as fast as we can).

With IMAP support coming into Gmail, users can easily

  • Read their Email on Gmail web interface.
  • Using their favorite email client mark a mail as Read
  • Archive it using iPhone and finally
  • View the relevant changes on their Blackberry. 🙂

Isn’t this exciting ?

The below embedded video gives a step by step process of setting up Gmail IMAP on the iPhone in about a minute.

Source: Official Gmail Blog



Bose’s iPod Docking Station: A clear winner

When stalwarts like Apple and Bose come together, something exciting is bound to happen. This is what has resulted into Bose’s iPod Docking Station which sounds amazing. In my honest opinion this ipod docking station is a clear winner and a must have.


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To use this docking station all you need is an iPod. Just dock and play all iPod models featuring a click wheel, including all nano, mini, photo and video models. The system also plays music from your iPhone™.* The iPod charges as it plays for uninterrupted music enjoyment. A custom remote easily controls the system and basic iPod functions. Auxiliary input lets you play other portable sources, too.

The Docking Station has a Rechargeable lithium-ion battery which gives more power and longer playing time than other types of rechargeable batteries. The battery charges whenever system is plugged into wall outlet with power cord (included).


The remote control of Docking Station is very simple. It Controls volume plus basic iPod functions from almost anywhere in the room.
The Docking Station has very Touch-sensitive volume control buttons which easily enables user to adjust volume directly on speaker if remote is not readily available.

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Are you a Musician looking for Audience? Turn to Muziboo.com

Do comment on your experiences with this Docking Station.