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Apple’s iPhone has no doubt been able to generate more buzz than any other technology. However, the promise that Steve Jobs made was that Apple’s iPhone will become a platform on which many users will be able to run there own applications. However, this might take sometime still. In spite of that the good news is, that, we can still find many useful directories on the net for the iPhone. Grab your iPhone app’s here hosts around 441 applications as of now. Although, the site does host some good iPhone App’s, there is no way you can actually browse the site to check the various app’s.

Check out the site for yourself and see if you can find something good for your iPhone 😉

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3 Responses

  1. Pretty awesome article. Thanks! – CowDir

  2. great music site for the iphone: you can also build a playlist on the main site and it shows up on the iphone instantly

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