[How-To]Transform any RSS feed into an iPhone friendly site.

If you own a blog or any rss feed which you wish to create a neat site out of it for your iPhone subscribers, DoYouFeed is the website to check. By the way this can as well be a good strategy for reader delight and also create a buzz about your blog.

doYouFeed logo

doYouFeed logo

In order to enable your feed or blog as an iPhone friendly site, follow the steps below

1.) Point your browser to http://www.doyoufeed.com/us/index.php

DoYouFeed Add site

DoYouFeed Add your site

2.) In the textbox titled Add feeds and sites, enter your feed or site URL and press Add.

3.) Once done, DoYouFeed will give you options to tune your settings further, though, all the basic settings look good.

Technofriends on iPhone

Technofriends on iPhone

4.) Scroll down to see your iPhone friendly site URL.

If you wish to access Technofriends from your iPhone, click here or bookmark http://tinyurl.com/64jtkv

Doyoufeed offers the following features

Your iPhone friendly site built from ground for you has a lit of useful features (and many more to come) :

  • Fast load and lightweight pages
  • iPhone optimized navigation
  • Mix several feeds in one unique site
  • Different themes available
  • Automatic page refresh
  • Relative date (2 hours ago, yesterday, monday…)
  • Preview of news content on the news list
  • Share news via email and social sites
  • Nothing to install on your iPhone
  • No registering required

Via: Makeuseof.com

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