Open Coffee 2nd Meet: What the attendants say?

The second meet for Open Coffee Club’s Bangalore chapter happened on 2nd September 2007, Sunday. The meet took place at BrewHaha, Koramangala.

This time the focus of the meet was Marketing and close to 40 people attended the event. Unlike the last meet, this time the meet was more focussed with regards to the agenda. Primary Speakers for the meet were Ranjith from Kapston, Prateek Dayal from Muziboo and Swaroop from Ion. Interestingly, this time the participants came from diversified industry verticals like Legal, HR, Marketing.

Below I am trying to consolidate all the posts in one post by presenting the links to you. Go around and get a hang of what the participants are talking about. The links below carry the blog posts about Open Coffee meet held on 2nd September at BrewHaha.

Also note: This list will keep evolving with the links.

Himanshu’s Blog ( This is one of the most precise and crystal clear coverage of the event):

Hari’s Blog ( Was the first one to blog about the event. Clear, crisp and well articulated post):

Swaroop’s Blog ( Swaroop from Ion, was also a key speaker at the event. He shares his views on OCC at his blog):




3 Responses

  1. Hey Vaibhav,
    Thanks for adding my blog.

    Also,just a small suggestion:
    Would be better if you could add the URL of the post(rather than the blog) so that readers find easy to get the content.

    See you at the next meet.

    -Himanshu Sheth

  2. Thanks Himanshu.

    Incorporated your suggestion.


  3. […] Open Coffee 2nd Meet: What the attendants say? […]

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