Top 3 Keyfinder Apps

If you’re preparing to reinstall an operating system (for example, doing a clean install of Windows XP) or an application like Microsoft Office, you will need to find your copy of the software’s product key (CD key). Normally this product key is located with the manual or CD that came with your software.  more>>


Create a firefox search plugin: Tutorial

Almost every blog has a site search form where you just type in the search query and press enter to digg through the archives of that blog. The only drawback here is that you first have to visit the site homepage to locate the search box. And there’s also a possibility that the site has no search form at all.

This tutorial will show you a very simple Firefox hack that allows you to search any blog straight from the Firefox search bar without having to visit the actual blog. And there’s something for IE users as well.

First the not-so-good approach though it works with IE: Type the following query in the Google IE toolbar or in the Firefox Search Box with Google selected as the default engine: hacking

This query will retrieve all documents about hacking on Technofriends. You can replace with any site URL that you intend to search.

You may have know the above trick already but it’s tedious since you have to type lot of information for even a one word query. Hence, the simplest way is to add the site search feature to your Firefox search bar itself. Here’s how you do it.

Open the Firefox search plugins directory [generally C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins]. Create a new text file using Notepad and paste the following code:


  <input name="q" user>
  <input name="sitesearch" value="">

You can change Technofriends and depending on which site you want to search from the Firefox search bar.

Save the above file with an src extension in the same directory [like “di.src”]

If you like to see a nice icon next to the search name, add a 16×16 gif file with exactly the same name in the same location where you placed the di.src file.

That’s it – Restart firefox, type Ctrl+K to reach the Firefox Search Box, choose the above engine from the drop-down list and start searching. It makes searching your favorite blogs so much simple and fast.

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Serial Numbers and CD Keys of Softwares brought to you by Google.

You can get Software keys, serial numbers and CD Keys of Softwares using a simple Google hack. In order to get a key from Google, follow the below mentioned hack.

The Google query searches for all web pages with page titled “Belarc Advisor Current Profile” and contain “Software Licenses”. The “Belarc Advisor Current Profile” is a HTML report generated by Belarc Advisor, a free PC audit software.

Eg. To find keys for Windows XP, type in the following at google search

“Belarc Advisor Current Profile” “Software Licenses” “Windows XP” key:

The data is brought to you by Belarc Advisor which generates reports of the softwares residing on the computer. This data is then cached and indexed by Google bots.

Belarc Advisor Reports

Belarc Advisor Reports

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How To: Burn YouTube videos to a DVD.

Amit Agarwal of tech blog digital inspiration tells us how to burn Youtube videos to DVD’s.

How to create a DVD movie of video downloaded from Google Video, Youtube or Myspace so that these videos can be watched on the TV screen ? more>>

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Top 10 iPhone Apps

The much-anticipated iPhone hits the streets today. While developers and users alike aren’t thrilled that third-party iPhone apps are limited to the web, you might be surprised at the impressive offerings that have already been developed for new iPhone users. Today’s top 10 features the best iPhone applications that should be ready for your iPhone as soon as you pull the shiny monnolith from its coveted black box.more>>

German Gmail May Shut Over Privacy Issues

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