Apple iPhone and iPod prices set to drop

Cleve Nettles from 9to5 reports that Apple is set to reduce the prices of iPhone and iPod models by as much as 100$ over the next 2 months.

Iphone and iPod

Cleve writes ” The price drops are likely to make some price spacing for the newer 3G iPhones that are expected to drop later this year – perhaps with the tablets.”

As per the website, the new prices are expected to be:

8Gb iPod Touch $199 8Gb iPhone – $299
16Gb iPod Touch $299 16Gb iPhone – $399
32Gb iPod Touch $399

Also, the clear indication that I am getting from reading the various blogs and News reports is that Apple is already working on the release of 3G iPhone and it may be priced around 499$.

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3 Responses

  1. I had an iphone for a week and returned it. Its much slower than the treo 680 is on the same edge network for webbrowsing, and the trusted computing nonsense that apple pulls to control how you use your data makes it next to useless.
    for details

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  3. […] Apple iPhone and iPod prices set to drop […]

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