Java: Lifecycle of a Java Program

It had been long since i posted something about Java and thought of putting up a post describing Lifecycle of a Java Program.


The figure above explains the lifecycle of a Java Program. In words, the figure can be explained as:

  1. A Java program is written using either a Text Editor like Textpad or an IDE like Eclipse and is saved as a .java file. (
  2. The .java file is then compiled using Java compiler and a .class file is obtained from it. (Program.class)
  3. The .class file is now portable and can be used to run this Java program in any platform.
  4. Class file (Program.class) is interpreted by the JVM installed on a particular platform. JVM is part of the JRE software.

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Apple Update disables Unlocked iPhones

Apple on Thursday released iPhone update 1.1.1 which has led to many unlocked iPhones getting disabled.


The update process goes through without a hitch, however, when the phone is restarted an activation message appears which says, “Insert an unlocked and valid SIM to activate iPhone.”

Source: Macworld

LinkedIn Profiles: Add your photo starting this Friday.

LinkedIn, the Professional social networking tool will allow adding photo to your profile starting Friday. This feature addition by LinkedIn is certainly a move to catch up with Facebook.


Also, Linked is coming out with the LinkedIn Development Network on the lines of Facebook; LinkedIn Development Networks is still under development.
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Learning the basics of Service Oriented Architecture

In computing, the term Service-oriented architecture (SOA) expresses a software architectural concept that defines the use of services to support the requirements of software users. In an SOA environment, nodes on a network make resources available to other participants in the network as independent services that the participants access in a standardized way.

The embedded ppt below from Slideshare explains the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture.


Microsoft Windows: More fun with the HOSTS file

Thought of writing another short post on one more interesting thing that can be done using the HOSTS file in Windows.

Previously, I had written about HOSTS file in my post  Block Websites of your choice without any Software.

The Hosts file is usually available in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc in case of Windows XP.

If you wish to interchange the websites that get opened when you click enter after entering the address in browser. Lets assume that you wish to open when you type in the browser and vice-versa; do as mentioned below.

  1. Get the IP Address of and [ lets assume that the IP of Orkut is and the IP Address of Flickr is]
  2. Open the HOSTS file in your favorite text editor.
  3. Add the below mentioned lines
  5. Save the file and reboot your PC. You are done now 🙂

From now on, whenever you type on your browser; you will find Orkut opening up. Similarly with Orkut you will find Flickr opening up 🙂

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Microsoft Outlook: Creating an Appointment From a Mail

  1. From the mail list, mark the desired mail Drag and drop the marked mail to the Calendar shortcut on the Outlook bar (or the Calendar folder in the Folder list).
    The appointment window opens, and the mail text is displayed in the body of this window
  2. Ensure that the date and time are correct. Make any additional entries
  3. To save the appointment, click Save and Close in the toolbar.