Recovering ‘permanently’ deleted email in Microsoft Outlook 2003

Today morning i mistakenly deleted some of my very important mails from Microsoft Outlook 2003 client. At my workplace, i use Microsot Outlook 2003 client interacting with Exchange Server. I was able to recover my mails from Outlook, thanks to the policy settings on Microsoft Exchange Server and this small trick which i write about in my post below.

Microsoft Outlook 2003

Now, in order to recover them, you just need to go to Microsoft Outlook, and click the Deleted Items Folder, then you need to go to Tools –> Recover Deleted Items. All the items that you have deleted within the time frame set in the policy should be available for you to select. Just select the one’s you want back and hit the recover button.
Bingo!!! You are done.

However, there is a catch to this, you can’t recover the mails you hard deleted directly from other folders. I mean you pressed SHIFT+DEL and deleted a few mails from your Inbox. Unfortunately, this trick wont be able to cater to that. However, there is a way out for that too and i shall be writing about it in my next post soon.

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6 Responses

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  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the tip. I think there’s a registry key that needs to be installed to help recover deleted items in Outlook.

  3. Well, thats straight forward. But I was wonderfing if its possible to recover SHIFT+ DELeted mails….


  4. Hi Soija,

    I have referred to the process of recovering Shift+Del items in my post here


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  6. thanks

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