Top 3 FREE Antivirus Applications

Most of the websites i surf, keep writing about the Best Antivirus Softwares ( which for sure happen to be the paid one’s), but when it comes to free Antivirus Softwares, we usually are ignorant.
The truth however is, and it must be told; there are many free antivirus softwares which score heavily when compared to the paid Antivirus Software Solutions.

I am putting up my list of favorites below. This list is based on experience and net research.

1.) Avast: Avast offers a lot of protection levels like Web Shield, Network Shield, IM Shield, Outlook/Exchange Shield, P2P Protection. The best stuff is that Avast’s database is updated daily. Check it out yourself here.

2.) Avira AntiVir: Offers good file scanning capabilities and this too has a frequently updated virus database. Get Avira from here.

3.) AVG Antivirus: AVG has been an old time favorite when it comes to free antivirus softwares. Although, AVG doesnt offer the kind of features which Avast offers, what it does have in its favor is its fast file scanning and low system requirements. Get AVG from here

Do comment if you feel this list could have been different.




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