Now mobile calls over 3G/Wifi

Did you ever wanted to make mobile calls for FREE?? If yes, is the way to go. So what is this all about.

Well, Fring is free mobile VOIP software which allows you to make calls and chat over the 3G/Wifi Network. So that means you actually save over the costly air minutes.

Fring also seamlessly integrates with Skype, Google Talk, MSN.
To you fring, all you need to do is download the fring mobile software ( Which can also be received as a SMS from another fringster).

 Fring has truly been able to leverage the internet and mobile to serve the telecommunication needs of free goodie seeking geeks like me 🙂

 Happy fringing 😉




5 Responses

  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

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  3. […] Now mobile calls over 3G/Wifi : This blogpost has mention of Fring can be used to make free phone calls. […]

  4. Really a great application. My cell lacks 3G/Wifi support so I will have to rely on GPRS connection. Even though, I feel its going to be cheaper to make calls via fring.

  5. hi, this is philips 4m india and just now i seen ur Site and i am very hapy 4 the video u shown that we can make call free thank Q

    can u plz guide me to develop in my Graphics can u provide me tips and Tricks how to develop Moction Graphics.

    once again thak Q

    iam waighting 4ur reply

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