How does Google knows if you are a Adsense client and clicking on your own ads?

Often I have come across people asking me through mails that how does Google come to know when we are clicking ads on our own pages?? For them and for the information of all my readers, i thought of putting up this post on Technofriends.

When you visit a website using your browser there are various informations along with the IP Address that are sent to the website.The website can then extract these informations and make use of them ( like Google does 😉 ) as per their processes.

The Information that is sent across includes

a.Your PC’s IP address
b.Operating system
c.MAC Address
d.Screen resolution
e.Browser information( IE/Firefox ).

f. Cookies [ Thanks to Igor for reminding me of this through his valuable comment to the post]

In order to come to the correct conclusion Google or for that matter any website can place checks on

1. Above information collected from your adsense login and
2. Above information collected from PC from which the ads were clicked

If both 1 and 2 match then your adsense account might be suspended anytime.

Its as simple as this 🙂

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Do comment if you feel there are other ways of doing this as well…




8 Responses

  1. You forgot to say about the cookies… 🙂

  2. Under the guise of “More Precise Ad Targeting” Google has created the most incredible spying machine that has ever existed on the face of the planet. They have recorded everything you have ever searched for and attached it to your IP address. In addition, if you use google adwords, gmail or other personalized services they have also added your complete information profile into the mix. So what can you do to keep from being tracked when using search engines? Click this story for more information..

  3. @Igor: Yeah you have rightly pointed out… i definitely missed cookies. Thanks for putting it up for me. I shall edit the post accordingly 🙂

    @Tio: Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It was definitely a pleasure to know about Scroogle.

  4. What happened to mw was that one of my competitors used a traffic surf site to repeatedly click on my ads.
    Google warned me to stop, I said how do I? Its not me.
    They cancelled my Adsense acct.
    Now they have a who bad page they are advertising I see.

  5. Hi Vaibhav,

    following on from my recent post on search engines and privacy I have just posted some information from the EFF on ways to protect your privacy online at my blog. I thought I would like to share it with some of your readers.

    Hope you are well.

    Best Tio

  6. @Tio:
    Thanks a ton Tio for sharing that link. Its really a well articulated post. I shall be writing up a post linking your blog. Hope thats ok with you.

  7. Doug Woodall really makes a good point. Another thing that happened to one of my friend is he had blended his ads with his navigation bar so well, that almost every visitor started clicking on those ads thinking its navigation bar. As a result, google banned his account.

    You really need to be careful while using google adsense on your page.

  8. Your MAC address is never transmitted to web server that is not a member of your local network segment. Mac addresses do not transit routers or most switches. A MAC address is basically a universally unique identifier for your local computer’s network hardware. If it was transmitted to a remote host none of the other tracking mechanisms you mentioned would be needed to establish machine identity.

    See for some idea of the ways that Google uses the information that they can collect to identify your machine.

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