Open Coffee Club Bangalore : First debut meetup planned

Open Coffee Club at Bangalore is planning to host its first debut meeting this month ( time, date and venue still to be decided).

The OpenCoffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow.

According to Ramjee Ganti, a fellow blogger and organizer for Open Coffee Club in Bangalore ,”The concept is simple, events are arranged at a predefined venue and a predefined time where entrepreneurs and interested people come over to chat, discuss their ideas, and most important of all build relationships. It’s not just the entrepreneurs who come but also the VC’s (the people with power!!). This gives the entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their ideas and see if the VC’s might be interested in them. The best part, all of this happens informally, no boardrooms, no presentations.”

 Open Coffee Club at Chennai holds there meetings on Sunday’s and Siddhi happens to be one of the members of Chennai Coffee Club. You can read more about Siddhi here

Interested people can subscribe to the google group created for this. The groups can be found here

If you would like to know more about Open Coffee Club, checkout

I shall write more about the events that have been taking place in Chennai soon. 🙂

Please pass on the word to interested people. 🙂




11 Responses

  1. Its really a nice idea..

  2. Nice Platform to meet like minded people.. 🙂

  3. Great news – be great to publicize on main, please email me and I’ll put details on homepage

  4. that’s really cool!

  5. […] Open Coffee Club Bangalore : First debut meetup planned […]

  6. I have attended the OCC meeting on 2nd Sep,2007 in Chennai. I would like to attend the October -OCC meeting in Bangalore. Kindly inform me the venue and date of the meeting.

  7. Is there a new meeting planned? I would like to participate.


  8. Hi LN,

    The next OCC meet is planned on coming Sunday ( 30th September ) from 11 AM- 1PM. I would suggest that you also join the google group for OCC at

    This group is the place where we hold our general discussion with regards to OCC.

  9. /Hi, the blog is very informative and useful for all..

  10. Kindly inform the the nesxt OCC meet in Bangalore indicating time, venue etc.

  11. hi

    very nice

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