Are You Also Playing Secret Santa This Christmas?

Christmas is nearing and its time for the holiday season to begin. If you are too much engrossed in your work and looking out for some easy stress busters, Secret Santa should come handy.

Secret Santa is a game which you can play with your work colleagues or back at home. This article describes how to play Secret Santa

1.)  Write down names of all those who are playing Secret Santa in pieces of paper. Keep all these chits of paper in a box. Lets call it a “Santa Box”. Everyone now has to Pick a chit from the Santa Box.

2.)  The name that turns up in the chit would be your “Secert Child”.

Secret Santa

Image: Secret Santa

3.)  Make you “Secret Child” do some fun tasks. Keep the tasks simple and funny.

4.)  Gift your “Secret Child” with some thing that he/she would like.  

The whole reason of playing Secret Santa is to have some fun. So try not to offend anyone by giving unacceptable/unrealistic tasks or force someone to do a task unwillingly. 

Once you have got to know your Secret Child, follow the steps below

1.) You might want to pin up some task for your Secret Child on a pre-decided notice area. 

2.) Ensure that you don’t reveal or share information of your secret child to anyone ( including your secret child). The fun is to make him or her do those funny tasks.

3.) Once all the tasks are over, gift your Secret Child.

If you are someone who like to involve Technology with everything, try visiting the Secret Santa Website.


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7 Best Websites for Playing Games Online.

Playing Games Online for FREE is always something that one wants to do during freetime. This post lists 7 Best Websites which offer lots of online games. Playing games online also help you get rid of high-end system configuration requirement. 

1.) MiniClip: Miniclip is one of the best Online games website around, it gives you wide variety of games to choose from. Miniclip offers games ranging from Action Games, Multiplayer Games, Strategy Games to Puzzle games and many others. With Multiplayer Games, you can challenge other online players as well but for this you will have to register with the website and create a profile.

Play Online Games

Play Online Games

2.) Zapak: Zapak is another in the list of Best Online Games Website, it also offers games in various categories from Action,Sports,Racing, Cricket to Strategy and Multiplayer games. Zapak is a ADAG group website. Zapak also has an international Website called ZapakWorld.

3.) Yahoo Games: Yahoo Games is one of the “veteran, yet young” in the field of online gaming. It allows you to play games in a lot of categories and offers some of the best multiplayer games. Yahoo Games offers different games based on geographic location of the end user. You can download selected games for playing offline. However, not all games are free and have trial period attached for offline playing.

4.) Qbris: Qbris is another in the list of online games playing website. Like other website Qbris also offers games from various categories and also offers Multiplayer Online Games. It aso offers games which you can embed in your website and allow your visitors to play. Beware that this website might look boring from the first looks, however, it does have a huge inventory of online games which can be played for free.

5.) FreeOnlineGames: FreeOnlineGames offers lots of free online games and also offers premium games. You can play standard games, premium games and multiplayer games. You can even get games for your website embed from here. You don’t need to register on this website to play any game.

6.) AllTheGames: AllTheGames is another interesting website which gives you access to numerous games. The website has interesting games like Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog. AllTheGames also doesnt ask you for registering with the website. AllTheGames also allows you to embed games to your website. 

7.) PopCap: PopCap allows you to play several games online and also download deluxe games. PopCap also has collection of interesting games like Bejewelled, Alchemy etc.

Also, if you are someone who is looking to download some of the best computer games for free, do checkout Games GiveAway.

If you know of any more interesting website for playing games online, do share them in the comments with your blog link and i shall update the post with a linkback.

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MS Office Fun: Excel Games

You can find a great collection of Excel games at While this is not really a tip as such, it does show a little more of what Excel is capable of and could inspire Excel programmers to even greater feats of Excel-ence. Some examples include:



Excellent list of resources for Web2.0

Just came across an excellent resource list on Web 2.0 Stuff compiled by Everything Web2.0 blog. The list has amazing resources to help you build better.

Probably the most interesting ones are the frameworks, platforms and libraries for typical 2.0-stuff .
But watch out for all other pearls: bug & issue trackers, business intelligence solutions, database solutions, catalogue wares, design toolboxes, enterprise solutions, media editors, hosting & domain management & testing tools, media management solutions, mobile content delivery tools, site tour builders, hardcore telephony solutions, voice recognition tools, and more incidental code snippets, like URL shorteners, widget builders, Ajax & RIA apps.

Check out the complete list here



Widgetbox Creates Showcase for New My iTunes Web Widgets

iTunes ShowcaseWidgetbox™, the world’s largest marketplace for web widgets, has announced the Widgetbox Showcase™ for iTunes featuring the new My iTunes web widgets, giving users new and fun ways to share their music and movie tastes across the web. The My iTunes widgets can be used to share top reviews, favorite artists, new music, movies, and TV shows from the iTunes Store.  These new widgets can be easily found by anyone who visits iTunes, the Widgetbox Showcase for iTunes, or any site with the widgets posted, and can then be shared across the Internet. The My iTunes widgets reflect the way users use iTunes, so each one is unique—just like iTunes users’ taste in music, movies, and more. The My iTunes widgets can be embedded on any Flash-enabled website, including most social networking profiles and blogs. My iTunes feeds can also be used with any standard feed reader, keeping web pages up-to-date with favorite music, music videos, TV shows, and movies from the iTunes Store. 

Also featured in the Widgetbox Showcase for iTunes is the innovative Widgetbox MixIt, a web tool that turns any iMix playlist feed into a web widget that then can be easily posted on social network profile pages, blogs, and other personal web pages. With the MixIt tool, iTunes users can build their personalized playlist on iTunes, and then easily share their customized iMix music selections with their family members, friends and millions of other music lovers across the web with a single click – no cutting and pasting of code is required.

      “People pride themselves on their iMix playlists. Now users can easily share their iMix lists with their family and friends” said Giles Goodwin, co-founder of Widgetbox. “We expect the reach of iTunes to expand further than before imagined as the viral nature of web widgets will enhance growth.”

      The Widgetbox Showcase for iTunes is available immediately to anyone visiting Users who already have iMix lists published in the iTunes Store can immediately use Widgetbox’s MixIt tool to create their customized iMix widget. Once this process is completed, the MixIt widget can be easily embedded in social-networking profile pages, blogs, and other web pages. Friends and family can easily get a MixIt for their own web pages and continue passing it on to additional friends.

About Widgetbox

Widgetbox helps people express, connect, create and inform using web widgets that can be easily shared and distributed anywhere on the web. Widgetbox has the largest selection of web widgets and the most comprehensive set of tools for the management and distribution of your web widgets. Widgetbox serves both the producers and the consumers of widgets. For more information, please see


Widgetbox™, Widgetbox Showcase™, and Widgetbox MixIt™ are trademarks of Widgetbox, Inc. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Apple Launches My iTunes Widget

Apple has finally launched the My iTunes Widget. It definitely has came out as a surprise for many like me because it comes from a company like Apple which happens to be a closed box.

The website quotes ”

iTunes is giving you an effortless way to keep your friends up-to-date with your favorite music, TV shows, movies, and more. My iTunes widgets are simple, self-updating add-ons for your web page, social-networking profile, or blog.

Use My iTunes to share your top reviews, favorite artists, and new music, movies, and TV shows from the iTunes Store with anyone who visits your site.

Sign in to your iTunes account now and click Enable My iTunes to get started.”

Click here to get started 



iPhone Hacked To Run Nintendo Games

The iPhone is officially a “closed” architecture, meaning only Apple, and people with Apple’s blessing, can write applications for it. In reality, the platform is anything but closed, as industrious hackers have dug into its software guts and figured out how to run applications, , including Nintendo games, on it. more>>

Youtube Video at :