[Cartoon Strip] Current IT Panic

Current state of IT and for that matter every industry is known to almost everyone now. The current financial meltdown has taken stroll on all the industries and has even led to number of bankruptcies.

This interesting cartroon strip below depicts the current state of the employees in almost all the industries today.

This interesting cartroon strip below depicts the current state of IT.      Has your company also asked you to take a pay cut / less bonus / no increments or layoffs?

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Do you take Code Quality Seriously?

Andreas sent me this interesting comic strip about Code Quality. 


Comic scrip on Code Quality

Comic scrip on Code Quality

What steps do you take within your team for ensuring Code Quality?

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ComicBase: Comic Collectors charm

Comic Base is definitely one of those softwares which is bound to bring great joy to all the comic lovers and collectors.ComicBase is a comic book management software which comes packed with lots of features. The software comes in various versions which range from Free ComicBase to Professional Edition.

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Comic Base

Some of the salient features of the Free version of the software are

  • Built-in listings and values for virtually every English language comic.
  • Barcode support for lightning-fast data entry.
  • Handles collections of up to 500 comics.

PC Magazine recently gave ComicBase 10 a 4.5 out of 5. Don Labriola from PC Mag wrote

ComicBase 9 was the best comic-collecting software we’d seen, so we’re impressed that Version 10 is a must-have upgrade. In addition to CB9’s 250,000-issue price guide, slick interface and tutorials, PDA interface, online price-checking features, and flexible search and reporting, the new version, with a bar-code reader, lets you quickly enter books and updates itself every week with new releases and pricing changes. It offers an unmatched combination of ease of use, comprehensiveness, functionality, and timeliness.

Aaron Albert from About.com also write about ComicBase and mentions the Pro’s and Con’s for the software in his post. He says

Pros: Excellent database and data quality of comics, very easy to input comics, including updated value information, easily add missing comics to a wishlist, built-in buying and selling capabilities.

Cons: Search capabilities are limited, comics can only be viewed a title at a time, price.

Go on and get Comicbase from here.

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How-To: Search Rapidshare files using Google

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How-To: Search Rapidshare files using Google

Rapidshare has always been a preferred choice by many users when it comes to File Sharing. Also, interestingly, Google has an advanced search feature wherein the user can specify the website which should be searched for a particular search.

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The above given figure illustrates a step by step process to use Google to search RapidShare files.

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Also i would suggest that readers willing to gain more insight into this feature take a look at the older posts revolving around the same topic.

Source: PCTipsBox

Reader Contribution: Rapidshare Search Engine ( Thanks Nickei)

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How does Email Scanning Work?

Its a known fact that the emails we receive/ send are scanned before they reach us/intended recipient.
I thought of putting below a diagram describing how the entire stuff happens.

Email Scanning

Lets first discuss how the entire flow works in case of Incoming Mails.

  • All the incoming mails ( infected/clean) irrespective of there status are sent to the Antivirus software’s temporary folder where they are scanned for infections by the software.
  • In case, the Antivirus is not able to clean the mail, the item is moved to the quarantined items folder.
  • All clean/disinfected mails are then sent to the Exchange server from where they can be pulled by the Email Client.

In case of Outgoing mails, the following flow holds good.

  • All mails from the Email Client are pushed to the Exchange Server.
  • The mails are then moved to the Antivirus Software’s Temporary folder for scanning.
  • In case, the mail is found infected and is out of the scope of clean function, its moved to the Quarantined Items Folder.
  • All clean and disinfected mails are sent back to the Exchange server from where they are rolled out for the intended recipients.

Please note that this is a pseudo algorithm describing how Antivirus Softwares actually work. This might differ from software to software.

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Top 3 FREE Antivirus Applications

Most of the websites i surf, keep writing about the Best Antivirus Softwares ( which for sure happen to be the paid one’s), but when it comes to free Antivirus Softwares, we usually are ignorant.
The truth however is, and it must be told; there are many free antivirus softwares which score heavily when compared to the paid Antivirus Software Solutions.

I am putting up my list of favorites below. This list is based on experience and net research.

1.) Avast: Avast offers a lot of protection levels like Web Shield, Network Shield, IM Shield, Outlook/Exchange Shield, P2P Protection. The best stuff is that Avast’s database is updated daily. Check it out yourself here.

2.) Avira AntiVir: Offers good file scanning capabilities and this too has a frequently updated virus database. Get Avira from here.

3.) AVG Antivirus: AVG has been an old time favorite when it comes to free antivirus softwares. Although, AVG doesnt offer the kind of features which Avast offers, what it does have in its favor is its fast file scanning and low system requirements. Get AVG from here

Do comment if you feel this list could have been different.



Google and Comic Search.

When it comes to search, Google has always played GOD. Usually, when it comes to search, we often search only for e-books, music, software etc… but not many people know that you can even find Comics using Google.

Most of the comic scripts on the net have a .cbz or .cbr extension. Softwares like CDisplay(Windows) and FFView(Mac) can be used to view the scripts. However, the good thing is that you can even decompress such files by renaming .cbr extension to .rar and .cbz extension to .zip and use any of your favorite decompressing softwares like Winrar and Winzip to view them.

You can use these searches for searching your comics.

Google: -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics cbr

or -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics cbz

To search for comics with .zip extension and .rar extension use this:

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics rar

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics zip

Hope you shall find this interesting 🙂

Source: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2554/google_for_free_comic_books

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