OCC gets a Thumbs Up in Bangalore

It should be called an Amazing start. Around 60 ppl gathered at BrewHaha,Koramangala in Bangalore. The event was scheduled to start at 11 AM and it did start by then.
With around 60 ppl turning up in the event, the event definitely got a big thumbs up.

One of the early reachers for the meet was Jace

Jace happens to be one of the organisers for BCB and there is always a great learning involved when such people are around.
I am trying to put up the list of some of the people present for the event.( Thanks to Himanshu for having consolidated this information for us 🙂 )

 When me ( Vaibhav) and Ramjee first met on 12th August at Woody’s restaurent in Jayanagar for dinner, we never thought that 60 ppl will turn up for the event. Our estimates ( even on the day of the event) were around 35. Its really amazing to see and experience the kind of energy people bring with them at such events.

Below piece of info is taken from Himanshu’s blog
Crowd present at the OCC:
[Attendees who haven’t provided information about their blogs are tagged with their email id’s. Also,if I have missed out your name,kindly add it in the comment section…]

  1. K. Aditya
  2. Saurabh Singh
  3. Kaushik Gala
  4. Deepak Shenoy, founder of MoneYoga
  5. Pooran Prasad, co-founder of Zealous Solutions
  6. Vaibhav Pandey
  7. Harish Kumar, founder of OneBigWeb
  8. Sandeep C Senan
  9. Kiran Jonnalagadda aka Jace
  10. Manasi Baranwal
  11. Shivakumar Ganesan
  12. Prashant Acharya
  13. Gunasekaran S
  14. Sameerkanth , ConsultantNEN Bangalore
  15. Venkat Ramana
  16. Anand
  17. Piyush Gupta, Co-founder of RouteGuru
  18. R. Senthil
  19. Kiran Kadekoppa
  20. Parvez Ahmed
  21. Ajit
  22. Rohit Bansal
  23. Prateek & Nithya Dayal, Co-founders of Muziboo
  24. Karthik Jain, Co-founder of PicSquare
  25. Satish TJ
  26. Anshul Gupta
  27. Meera K , Community & News media
  28. Rajan, Co-founder of Motvik
  29. PV Sundaram
  30. Vipul Gupta
  31. Bhasker Kode,Co-founder of “The Returnable Project”
  32. Laura Parkin, Executive Director, NEN & Wadhwani Foundation
  33. Yiting Shen
  34. Saurabh
  35. Paveen Kumar
  36. Parineeth Reddy
  37. Harinath Pudipeddi
  38. Siva – now an Entrepreneur
  39. Akshat Choudary, Co-founder ActivMobs
  40. Amit Singh, Co-organizer of BCB4
  41. Ashish Solanki, Co-founder Yulop
  42. Puneeth Prasad

Although, people have been giving me and Ramjee a thumbsup for the efforts, personally i feel that its the community which makes such events possible and succesfull. My special thanks go to all those who attended and all those who guided us for this event. When it comes to the guidance part, i must thank Siddhi and Vijay.

A lot of things got discussed and a lot of action seems to be getting seeded. Hope to have great times together.

Do read more about the event action from fellow bloggers Ramjee Ganti and Himanshu.

The next Open Coffee Club meet in Bangalore is scheduled on 2nd September. Hoping to catch you all again.

In case you are new to the Open coffee club concept check out my previous posts on the same at

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5 Responses

  1. Vaibhav,
    That was pretty good with links to most of the people present(Himanshu is very patient).

    I agree though we took the job of getting this event, it would not be anything without all the people who came and also without all those people who helped talking about the event.

    Let’s get it better on 2nd.

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  3. […] were there too Unfortunately, I had to leave immediately after the round of introductions. Ramji, Vaibhav and Himanshu given a complete overview of the event, so please read what happened there in their […]

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