Send Free SMS in India using 160by2

After having written a post on making a free phone call using Fring in my post How to make a free call using fring, i was in the process of researching for a free SMS service to send SMS in India, during this, i came across a few services which do make this possible. In my coming posts, i will try to present with you few of the services which can be used to send Free SMS in India. One such service is 160by2 and in this post i intend to discuss on the various features provided by them.


160by2 is a SMS Marketing service launched in India by smscountry networks. The service allows users to send Free SMS messages through their website. Using 160by2 service, users can send free SMS of 80 characters. The rest 80 characters are filled in by the service with contextual advertisements.
The web interface is pretty interesting and easy to use.

Some of the features provided by 160by2 are:

  • Sending same message to multiple users.
  • Sharing of messages with other users.
  • Users can maintain their contact information in address books.
  • Group messages feature. ( although i still need to test this)

Invitations to 160by2 can be obtained by accessing their webpage here.

[Update] 160by2 has also released a mobile application. The application provides following features


  • No need to Login every time.
  • Access your contacts from account as well as from your phone book
  • You can now upload and backup your phone book on 160by2.

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Reader Contributions: Way2SMS is also such a service which provides users to send 92 characters of free messages. Way2SMS can also be accessed using WAP. I tried the service and found it good enough. Thanks to Bala for this.

Try it out and share your experiences in the comments.
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Email2SMS: Send Free SMS in India using Email.

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  1. is doing the same job already which i am using. but if competition arises, then it would be good to see how these companies may react.

    – bala

  2. couldnt agree more mb. competititon has already started however.

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  6. […] days back i had written a post about sending free SMS in India using 160by2 and Way2Sms in my post Send Free SMS in India using 160by2 and now, I just checked and found that Yahoo Mail too has added another feature of sending messages […]

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  8. checked this out – really works. not sure if the revenue model will work out. how will advertisers be sure of ROI? anyways, i am not complaining.

    thanks for this post!

  9. Yeah Suzanna,
    You are right. Even i have tried giving this a thought… lets c till how far these services go. As of now, its all abt free messages and the fun of messaging from the luxury of your desktop.

  10. I am willing to bet on this – this will remain free for a duration. then you will have some limits (like yahoo msgr). or be made to send SMS once in a while. Ad rev is unlikely to work.

    Like your blog posts – keep up the good work.

  11. Yeah Su, Even i share the same thoughts on free sms services. 160by2 though has a cap of 10 messages per person per day. However, i am not sure if they can be successful like that too. There are already many failed models like that Chikka being one. 😉
    Thanks for your appreciation.

  12. good work mate!

  13. theres always some gimmick with free SMS 🙂

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  51. […] Related reads: Send Free SMS in India using 160by2 […]

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    I find your site very interesting. I came across this site via a Google Alert for System Utilities.
    I like everything about the site except the snap preview. It is sometimes a deterrent. everytime I point my mouse over a link, it comes up and becomes irritating. I am not sure how the other users react to this, but seeing it over zip files (post on REVEAL) was a pain.
    Great work!

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