Use Twitter to Publicize your blog

Yes, whether you accept it or not, every blogger on this planet Earth wants to get more and more hits on his blogpost. With the evolution of microblogging tools like Twitter this definitely has become even more easier. The only catch is that you should be knowing the right way to use Twitter. 🙂

Twitterfeed Twitter

Twitter follows an open approach and using this many application developers have built on applications which have certainly added more and more value to Twitter. One such application is called TwitterFeed.

TwitterFeed is a service which is aimed at popularizing your blogpost by publishing them on Twitter.

All you need is an OpenID , Twitter User ID +Password and your blog’s RSS feed. Once the setup is done, Twitterfeed will periodically check for your Blog Feed and keep publishing your blog posts on your Twitter Page.

Here’s how to get your blog twittering using TwitterFeed:

  • Create a new twitter user at (or use your existing one)
  • Provide Twitterfeed with the URL for your blog’s RSS feed, and how often it should be posted to Twitter.
  • Bingo, Time to get on and get started.

By the way, I am already on Twitter with my feeds live, courtesy Twitterfeed, at

Do let me know your twitter feeds as well, i would love to follow them 🙂

Don’t forget to bookmark the blog or better still Subscribe to the blog’s new feed.




7 Responses

  1. does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

  2. […] Also read: Use Twitter to Publicize your blog […]

  3. […] Use Twitter to Publicize your blog […]

  4. good resource .. i have been manually doing this so far 🙂

    in fact even manually creating tinyurls!

  5. twitter sucks. I hate twitter. some people in china used twitter to rescue victims.. i heard this in news.. what crap.

  6. yeah i too heard that news pallavi.. its really funny… dont they have phones in china or what?

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