Mozilla Firefox: Get the data from your Cache

Often it happens that while browsing some website we keep diving into design and programming ideas for our own websites, A train of thoughts run into our thought process sending signals that with a little customization we can make the same stuff look good on our own website as well. For this to happen in reality, all we need to know is which scripts, files and style sheets has the designer of the particular website made use of.

All the information that we access on the web and displayed on the browser is locally stored in the cache memory of your computer and can be accessed directly through your browser. In case of Mozilla Firefox, type about:cache in the address bar and hit the Enter key to access information stored in browser cache.

Cache displays cache information in Mozilla Firefox

The browser window displays information about Storage size, storage location, number of entries etc. However, this information is not very useful from the perspective of what we wish to achieve, i.e. getting hand of the images, javascripts, stylesheets etc used in the website of our choice.

Memory Cache information obtained from Firefox

In order to get a more meaningful and useful information from the cache information displayed on the screen, click on the link “List Cache Entries”

Cache contains all the information of the websites you have viewed.

The information displayed now has list of all the entries in the cache. Using Firefox’s search feature you can easily search for a particular file type such as javascript (.js), images (.gif, .jpg, .png etc) or even style sheets (.css)

Clicking on the link will display you the information about the file requested. It can either be in the form of a direct internet link or code from the cache.

Now all you need to do is, copy the code into an editor like Notepad++ and edit the same to suit your needs.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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