7 Best Websites for Playing Games Online.

Playing Games Online for FREE is always something that one wants to do during freetime. This post lists 7 Best Websites which offer lots of online games. Playing games online also help you get rid of high-end system configuration requirement. 

1.) MiniClip: Miniclip is one of the best Online games website around, it gives you wide variety of games to choose from. Miniclip offers games ranging from Action Games, Multiplayer Games, Strategy Games to Puzzle games and many others. With Multiplayer Games, you can challenge other online players as well but for this you will have to register with the website and create a profile.

Play Online Games

Play Online Games

2.) Zapak: Zapak is another in the list of Best Online Games Website, it also offers games in various categories from Action,Sports,Racing, Cricket to Strategy and Multiplayer games. Zapak is a ADAG group website. Zapak also has an international Website called ZapakWorld.

3.) Yahoo Games: Yahoo Games is one of the “veteran, yet young” in the field of online gaming. It allows you to play games in a lot of categories and offers some of the best multiplayer games. Yahoo Games offers different games based on geographic location of the end user. You can download selected games for playing offline. However, not all games are free and have trial period attached for offline playing.

4.) Qbris: Qbris is another in the list of online games playing website. Like other website Qbris also offers games from various categories and also offers Multiplayer Online Games. It aso offers games which you can embed in your website and allow your visitors to play. Beware that this website might look boring from the first looks, however, it does have a huge inventory of online games which can be played for free.

5.) FreeOnlineGames: FreeOnlineGames offers lots of free online games and also offers premium games. You can play standard games, premium games and multiplayer games. You can even get games for your website embed from here. You don’t need to register on this website to play any game.

6.) AllTheGames: AllTheGames is another interesting website which gives you access to numerous games. The website has interesting games like Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog. AllTheGames also doesnt ask you for registering with the website. AllTheGames also allows you to embed games to your website. 

7.) PopCap: PopCap allows you to play several games online and also download deluxe games. PopCap also has collection of interesting games like Bejewelled, Alchemy etc.

Also, if you are someone who is looking to download some of the best computer games for free, do checkout Games GiveAway.

If you know of any more interesting website for playing games online, do share them in the comments with your blog link and i shall update the post with a linkback.

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