Watch Free Online Television with Online TV Player

I earlier wrote about Watching Online TV Channels, Live and Free Way and then also introduced you to AnyTV Player, which lets you watch Live Television Channels for Free over the Internet. 

Going with the same theme of helping you watch your television channels for free, i write about another tool called Online TV Player.

Online TV Player lets you watch 850+ free Internet TV and listen 1500+ free online radio stations on your PC. It allows watcher to watch directly into TV without having to experience the annoyances of a Web site (like slow-loading pages and pop-up ads). No additional equipment required. Online TV Player support both Windows Media and Real Video. You can play most of stream formats in one program. It can set the screen window to any size that you want. It supports full-screen mode too.


Watch free online televsion using Online TV Player

Image: Watch free online televsion using Online TV Player

Interestingly, Online TV Player streams 250 Channels from the United States, 96 from China, 57 From United Kingdom and 32 from Russia. 

Online TV Player offers two mode for viewing, Basic Mode is free and has quite a good number of channels. For the Pro Version, you need to pay a fee of 29.88$. I would recommend that you go for a Pro-version only if the channels of your choice are not available anywhere else for free.

Get a complete list of channels to watch free online television using Online TV Player here.You can download Online TV Player from here.


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