Are You A Startup in India Looking out for Legal Help?

If you are a Startup looking out for Legal Help in India, or a startup in India looking out for quality Legal help, try out NovoJuris.


NovoJuris provides Legal Services

NovoJuris provides Legal Services

What is NovoJuris?

NovoJuris is the brainchild of Sharda Balaji. Over years, having worked in various companies across a broad range of industries, she found a need for accessible legal advice on an ongoing basis. For most small and medium business, being compliant with all the applicable laws is a confusing effort. NovoJuris was started to address this problem with innovative “Solution based counseling” process. NovoJuris started operations on February 14, 2008.

What is this  Solution based Counseling?

As in today’s world Legal complexities are increasing and so is the enforcement. For any given business, there are numerous laws applicable. As a Startup you might not be aware of the various laws and enforcements applicable in your area of business. With Solution Based Counseling, Novojuris partners with you in formulating the best working solution for your business issues keeping the legal requirements in mind.

As a Startup, Is there any packaged service i can look at with NovoJuris?


As a Startup, you can look at the StartupStart package offered by NovoJuris, which gives you access to the following

  • Advising you on the right legal form (Sole proprietary / partnership / limited liability company) to adopt
  • Helping you with the capital structure of the company along with one-time professional tax consultation
  • Incorporation of company
  • Getting you ready with Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Provide you with initial agreements like Corporate Non Disclosure Agreement and Employee Service Agreement


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Is their any other interesting startup in the Legal Services space you are aware of? 

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