Are You Also Playing Secret Santa This Christmas?

Christmas is nearing and its time for the holiday season to begin. If you are too much engrossed in your work and looking out for some easy stress busters, Secret Santa should come handy.

Secret Santa is a game which you can play with your work colleagues or back at home. This article describes how to play Secret Santa

1.)  Write down names of all those who are playing Secret Santa in pieces of paper. Keep all these chits of paper in a box. Lets call it a “Santa Box”. Everyone now has to Pick a chit from the Santa Box.

2.)  The name that turns up in the chit would be your “Secert Child”.

Secret Santa

Image: Secret Santa

3.)  Make you “Secret Child” do some fun tasks. Keep the tasks simple and funny.

4.)  Gift your “Secret Child” with some thing that he/she would like.  

The whole reason of playing Secret Santa is to have some fun. So try not to offend anyone by giving unacceptable/unrealistic tasks or force someone to do a task unwillingly. 

Once you have got to know your Secret Child, follow the steps below

1.) You might want to pin up some task for your Secret Child on a pre-decided notice area. 

2.) Ensure that you don’t reveal or share information of your secret child to anyone ( including your secret child). The fun is to make him or her do those funny tasks.

3.) Once all the tasks are over, gift your Secret Child.

If you are someone who like to involve Technology with everything, try visiting the Secret Santa Website.


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