Turn off Windows Messenger and improve your PC Performance

There are many windows processes which usually run in the background and thereby tend to eat up system resources and slow down the computer. In my previous post, you learnt how to process idle tasks in Windows.

One of the process which usually starts on its own by default whenever Windows starts is Windows Messenger. If you happen to be one of those who doesn’t use Windows Messenger ( like me 🙂 ) then its in your PC’s best interest that you turn off the Auto mode of Windows messenger which by default loads it into the memory and keeps running it in the background, irrespective of whether you use it or not.

Follow the steps below to disable Windows Messenger on Windows Startup.

1.) Open Windows Messenger by typing ‘msmsgs.exe’ at the Run or double clicking on the program icon under Programs Files folder.

Windows Messenger

Windows Messenger

2.) Click on Tools –> Options.

Windows Messenger Options Tab display

Windows Messenger Options Tab display

3.) Click on the tab which says ” Preferences”.

Disable auto startup for Windows Messenger

Disable auto startup for Windows Messenger

4.) De-select the checkbox which says ” Run Windows Messenger when Windows Starts”.

5.) De-select the checkbox which says ” Allow Windows Messenger to run in Background”.

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