[How-To] Increase your Adsense Earnings by Optimizing Adsense

Adsense is definitely the bread and butter for many publishers and for those of you who would like to become so, its very important that your Adsense Ads are Optimized to help you get more.


Adsense Optimization can help you earn more.

Adsense Optimization can help you earn more.

This post describes some easy to implement Adsense Strategies which can help you gain more from your Adsense Ads.

The three most discussed and easy to implement Strategies for Increasing your Adsense Earnings are

1.) Show Bigger Ad Units on your platform, be it your website or your blog.

Bigger Ad Units, perform better as compared to the smaller Ad Units. They tend to get more attention from the user and therefore helps you increase your CTR. Below embedded video from Google talks about the same. 

Google Adsense Blog says 

Publishers often ask us what the best ad sizes are to include in their site’s design, and we always point them to these three:

  • 300×250 medium rectangle
  • 728×90 leaderboard
  • 160×600 skyscraper

2.) Get your Color Schemes right. 

Its important to get the color schemes of your Ads right. Your color schemes should complement the color of your website. 

In short, Google Says

When you design your AdSense ads, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use colours that either blend with or complement your site’s colours. Make the ads a part of your site.
  • Use lighter colours for borders, or no border at all.
  • Try rotating colours or occasionally switching the location of your ads on the page.
  • Save sets of frequently-used colours as a palette.

3.) Ad Placement Matters

Even if you have the above two points covered, your ads might still not perform well if they are not placed at the right place. You need to place your ads where users will see them.

Google has these tips for you to get better revenue from your Adsense Ads

Great positions for placing your ads include:

  • Above the fold of a page (the section of the page a user can see without scrolling)
  • At the end of an article
  • Aligned with content

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