The change has come to USA

Internet is flooded with the news of BARACK OBAMA being elected as the 44th U.S. president.


Obama elected as the next US President.

Obama elected as the next US President.

Hope Obama brings the much awaited and talked about CHANGE. Technofriends wishes Obama and all the US nationals for this spectacular win.




Barack Obama: Top Twitter user

As per Twitterholic, Barack Obama, the US presidential candidate is the top twitter user. As of now, Barack Obama has 69,153 friends and 66,428 followers.

Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo

A closer look at the number above gives you the fact that Obama has more friends than follower. Now we know the reason for the huge success of Obama.a

Earlier i wrote about the various benefits of Twitter and how it can help you quit smoking, track your FedEx Shipments. I guess i should have named this post; How to win elections using Twitter 😉

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Vaibhav Pandey