[Subtitles] 5 Best Websites to look for Movie Subtitles

Got hold of a interesting foriegn language movie but how do you understand the real meat inside it? In such situations the real power of Subtitles comes to life. This post, lists 5 Best Websites for getting hold of subtitles to play with your favorite DIVX movies.

For true laymen, A subtitle is the text at the bottom of the screen in a movie. The purpose of a subtitle is usually to translate the movie dialogue from a language the viewer doesn’t understand to one they do. Subtitles can also be helpful for people who for some reason have trouble following the dialogue in a movie.

5 Best Websites to Get Subtitles for your Movies

Image: 5 Best Websites to Get Subtitles for your Movies

So here you go with the 5 Best Websites to look out for Movie Subtitles. All these websites provide subtitles in the SUB and SRT formats.

1.) SubScene : SubScene is an interesting website with lots of Subtitles in various languages including English, French,German, Dutch,Arabic. Also, interestingly, Arabic is the language with most number of subtitles available on this site. 

2.) DivXSubtitles : With DivXSubtitles, you can download DVD, HDTV and DivX subtitles for free without signing up. However, if you wish to Upload subtitles, you will have to sign up with the Website.

3.) OpenSubtitles : OpenSubtitles also offers lots of Subtitles for various languages. Apart from regular features like Subtitle Search, Download and Upload of Subtitles, it also provides RSS for new subtitles which are uploaded. You can even search for Subtitles in Multiple languages simultaneously. You need to be logged into the site to carry out such functions.

4.) DivX SubTitles World : Offers you free downloading (and uploading) of subtitles in all the world’s languages. If you are looking for a site with more subtitles in your own language, you’ve found it! You can download everything for free for your home cinema. You can find over 16800 subtitles from all around the world on our server. To be able to totally use the site you must be a registered member (for server’s security). Once a member you get all advantages, such as requesting subtitles, making your own movie lists, sharing information with other users etc

5.) GetSubTitles : GetSubtitle’s database contains subtitles for movies and television series in various formats such as SRT or SUB which are supported by various media players.

Once you have got the subtitles with you, you would need to either write them to the DVD or CD for playback using specific tools like DirectVobSub


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Gmail’s phishing alerts warns you of suspected messages.

Gmail’s Phishing alert service warns you whenever you get any message from a suspected source. These alerts are triggered to let the end user know that the message might not be from the person whom he claims to be in the mail. 

Being focussed on helping laymen become tech enthusiasts, i often write about critical topics which everyone needs to be aware of, in general to protect and secure themselves in the cyberworld.

Earlier, i wrote How not to get Phished,Learn from Phil the Fish and Learn more about Phishing which certainly helped readers understand the simple ways of protecting themselves. However, there still can be situtations when you are duped in such a way that you fall prey to such exercises. 

Whenever you get an email in your Gmail mailbox, Gmail does a virus check against it, runs it spam filters to see if it has indeed come from a spammer and also runs a Phishing alert service to alert the user if this is indeed a Phishing mail. 

Gmail Phishing Alert warns you of suspected messages.

Gmail Phishing Alert warns you of suspected messages.

The above figure clearly depicts how Gmail can help you stay safe from Phishing. However, have in mind that Gmail’s service can also be duped by some tricksters. 

Are there any ways to help me stay safe and not get Phished?

In general these are the basic steps you should be following to stay away from Phishing scams :

  • Always go through the URL of the website. A closer look at the URL can certainly give you clues with regards to the fraudulent websites.
  • Never reply to emails asking for your bank account number, internet user details etc. Remember NO BANK asks you for such information. If they do, CHANGE YOUR BANK.
  • The old saying “When in doubt, talk”, holds true here as well. If you are in a doubt about the email/website, just take the phone and call up the call center of the service to get an explanation on your doubt.
  • Forward spam that is phishing for information to spam@uce.gov and to the company, bank, or organization impersonated in the phishing email. Most organizations have information on their websites about where to report problems.
  • Don’t open email attachments sent to you by strangers. Email attachments can have programs which can affect your computers once opened.
  • Always follow steps to a healthy PC. You can read my previous post 4 steps to a Healthy PC to learn more on this.
Recently there has been a spurt in the phishing attacks and therefore this Gmail alert certainly helps users stay safe to an extent. Google also issued a statement recently informing users that the security lapses are not within Gmail but its the Phishing attacks which are responsible.

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