Gizmine lets you buy all those Funky Japanese Gadgets

Gizmine, the newly launched Japanese Gadget and LifeStyle Store lets you buy all those funky and wierd looking Gadgets which you often usually see either in Sci-Fi films or in the streets of Japan.

Engine Hub at Gizmine

Engine Hub at Gizmine

Gizmine, has been started by Doug Krone, the founder of Dynamism.

Gizmine has an interesting collection of Gadgets within Watches, Headphones, iPod Accessories, Speakers, Audio and Video gadgets. Also intrestingly, it sells Apparel and Calendars.

At the Website, you can do a filtered search either by Popular Items, New Items, By the Color of the Gadget or by Price. 


Some of the many gadgets available at Gizmine

Some of the many gadgets available at Gizmine

Try it out and you might just like it. I do have a wishlist from Gizmine, if any of you feels like helping me get a part of that, let me know 😉

Source: Gizmodo

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Vaibhav Pandey