[How-To] Add Flickr Photos to your Word Documents with Ease

What do you do when you have to embed an image from Flickr into your Word Documents? Download the image from Flickr onto your own computer and embed it using Insert Image feature of Word. If you are also the one who does the same thing and wastes a lot of time and bandwidth doing all this download and insert, their is good news for you.


Flickr4Word is a Plugin for Microsoft Word 2007 software that allows you to insert Flickr photos into your posts. All you need to do is install this software and get started.


Flickr4Word lets you embed Flickr Images into Word with Ease.

Flickr4Word lets you embed Flickr Images into Word with Ease.

The plug-in enables you to search all your content, photosets, or search by tags.  It is available for free and can be downloaded from Codeplex.  For developers, the code is also made available if you want to contribute fixes and features (that comply with Flickr API terms of use).

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