List of Major IP Addresses Blocks By Country

Nirsoft, the creators of WirelessKeyView, software which can help you get your Wireless Keys in case if you have forgotten them, have now released the Major IP Addresses Blocks by Country. 

For countries in europe and in the middle east, the name of the company/Internet provider that own these IP blocks is also displayed. In order to show only the major IP blocks, only IP blocks with 4096 addresses or more were added to the list. For United States, only IP blocks with 65536 addresses or more were added to the list.

You can access the complete list on Nirsoft’s Website.

What is an IP Address? How can i find my IP Address?

IP Address is in short, the address of your computer. Using this address it is identified over the internet and your local network. Since these numbers are usually assigned in country- or region-based blocks, an IP address can often be used to identify the location from which a computer is connecting to the Internet.

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How to Use this List? Can you give some Example Usages?

Well, to take practical scenarios, First example to take from this list is that it can be used to identify the location of a particular IP. This could be the IP of the person who sent you a mail on your Yahoo Mail account or IP of the person who sent you a mail on your Gmail account

The other example usage can be testing your web application for geo-targeting. If you have a web application which geo-targets content based on the end user’s IP address, you can use any of the IP Address listed against the country of your choice and test your Web Application. This can be done by enabling and Modifying the X-Forwarded-For header in the HTTP Request. To do this, you can either use Fiddler or Modify HTTP Headers.  

The X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header is a de facto standard for identifying the originating IP address of a client connecting to a web server through an HTTP proxy or load balancer. This is a non-RFC-standard request header which was introduced by the Squid caching proxy server’s developers.

Also, if you are a geek, you can develop your own script to figure out the location of a particular IP Address using the IP Address Blocks given in the list released by Nirsoft.

Can you List any other website which helps me find the location of a given IP Address?

Yes. Try out IP2Location


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