Wordpress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 is now available for Download

WordPress has released the Candidate 1 release for WordPress 2.7. Seems like wordpress is moving real fast with the release of 2.7 which is scheduled to happen soon.


Wordpress 2.7 release candidate 1 is up for grabs

Wordpress 2.7 release candidate 1 is up for grabs

WordPress says

With the release of RC1, we’re in the final leg of development before the release of 2.7.  280 commits since beta 3 have polished the new admin UI (including new menu icons created by the winners of our icon design contest) and fixed all known blocker bugs.

We think RC1 is ready for everyone to try out.  Please download RC1 and help us make the final release the best it can be.  As always, back up your blog before upgrading.

Download WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1

Also, if you are still on the older WordPress 2.x.x , its time you get a copy of WordPress 2.6.5 which was released a few days back.