Analyze your Feedburner stats

If you happen to be a blogger, you understand the importance of feed readers. Feed reader stats clearly helps you and your readers understand the popularity of your blog.

If you use Feedburner to publish your feeds, and have activated the Feedburner Awareness API for your feed, you can now get an analysis report based on your user subscription by using FeedAnalysis v1.1

Feed Analysis for analyzing feedburner feeds

By the use of Feed Analysis, the number of subscribers for each month is neatly shown on the column chart. You can also view the number of subscribers, hits, views and clicks for every single day from the line chart. The best/worst day of the week is also available which is displayed on the pie chart. And also, Feed Analysis can give you an estimated value for your blog / site according to the number of your subscribers.

Feed Analysis provides analysis for feedburner feeds.

Feed Analysis provides analysis for feedburner feeds

To use FeedAnalysis follow the steps mentioned below

1.) Point your browser to

2.) In the available form, mention the feed name and select the number of months.

Feed Analysis for feedburner feeds.

3.) Click on Generate report.

Some easy facts about FeedAnalysis v1.1

  • FeedAnalysis doesn’t store your feed stats in its database.
  • Its a free service and can be used for any feedburner feed with Awareness API service active.
  • You can even use FeedAnalysis v1.1 for feeds less than 3 months old, however, the analysis might not be accurate.


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