Whos.amung.us gives you simple yet effective analytics

No doubt that Google Analytics is a powerful and one of the most used analytic tools these days. But for most of you who wish to get simple real time analytics, without having to play with the Javascripts code and going through the complex details in the analytics page; Whos.amung.us is the service to check.

This service comes handy with my earlier post Website : Tech Profiles, SEO Grade and Hosting details. It’s no surprise that over two billion widgets have been served within our first 6 months! If you run a website, blog or a social network page like MySpace, WordPress.com ( mostly services which dont allow Javascript embedding) then this is something for you.

In order to start getting real time results from whos.amung.us all you need to do is embed a small piece of HTML code onto your pages for which you wish to have the analytics. Get that code from here

How it all works?

The HTML Code snippet which you embed into your blog/website calls an image hosted on whos.amung.us servers. When the request for the image is made, along with the IP , the browser also sends some more information in the headers; like Referrer URL, User agents etc. Whos.amung.us then makes use of the IP and the Referrer URL to include results for Country from which the recent visitor came and also the URL he came from. i.e. in this case, the URL of the blog entry the reader is reading as of now.

Whos.amung.us gives you three different kind of analytic views:

1.) Links with the numbers of readers simultaneously reading the posts

Whos.amung.us-links with number of readers

Whos.amung.us-links with number of readers

2.) Graphs for checking out the number of simultaneous readers you have had on your blog/website for any given month, day or even hour.

Whos.amung.us-Graph view

Whos.amung.us-Graph view

3.) Map view gives you the visual of the location for every one of your readers — live!

Whos.amung.us-Map View

Whos.amung.us-Map View

4.) On your blog, the image keeps getting updated as well with the number of readers reading your blog concurrently.

Whos.amung.us-View on your Blog

Blog View

Its interesting to see who.amung.us taking out so much information from a simple image hit. Its time other analytic providers also take a note of this. I would really be amused if they could also add the user-agent part, it helps track one of the most important detail about your readers/users ; the browser they use 🙂

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