How does Google work??

I found an interesting image on the New York Times page and thought of linking this with my a post on my blog. This image clearly makes the layman understand the success of google’s fast search algorithm’s.




Site of the week – The Wondering Ministrels

Not all homosapiens are interested in poetry. But all intelligent people who understand wit, sarcasm, words and wisdom will fall in love with this site. Its a little complicated to remember :

Ya, I thought so 🙂 So you can use the technique I use for locating it. Just type “Jenny kissed me” in your google toolbar and the second result will be ‘bingo’. Why such weird search words? Coz its a weird lovely poem. Google really doesnt have a choice but to throw it amongst top three answers. For the real reason, you gotta mail me 🙂

It is a site run by the Rice University. The Wondering Ministrels is what it is called.

Best features of the site:

  • No frills site. Exhibits poems in the fastest uncomplicated way.
  • Poems dated back to 1800 can be found .
  • No other site provides poem-search based on Length (number of lines) option. Most of my favourites are either 2 or 6 liners.
  • Very insightful selective opinions of readers on every poem.

Index page has intelligent navigational options like:

  • Length of the poem
  • Search based on initial alphabet of the poet or poem or poem’s first line.
  • Or can type in the poet’s name in the small search box on the top right-side.
  • When you click on the authors name in any poem page, it lists down a list of other poems by the author

Thats the site of the week –  The Wondering Ministrels

Signing off ~

Aruna Sundaresan

Widgetbox Creates Showcase for New My iTunes Web Widgets

iTunes ShowcaseWidgetbox™, the world’s largest marketplace for web widgets, has announced the Widgetbox Showcase™ for iTunes featuring the new My iTunes web widgets, giving users new and fun ways to share their music and movie tastes across the web. The My iTunes widgets can be used to share top reviews, favorite artists, new music, movies, and TV shows from the iTunes Store.  These new widgets can be easily found by anyone who visits iTunes, the Widgetbox Showcase for iTunes, or any site with the widgets posted, and can then be shared across the Internet. The My iTunes widgets reflect the way users use iTunes, so each one is unique—just like iTunes users’ taste in music, movies, and more. The My iTunes widgets can be embedded on any Flash-enabled website, including most social networking profiles and blogs. My iTunes feeds can also be used with any standard feed reader, keeping web pages up-to-date with favorite music, music videos, TV shows, and movies from the iTunes Store. 

Also featured in the Widgetbox Showcase for iTunes is the innovative Widgetbox MixIt, a web tool that turns any iMix playlist feed into a web widget that then can be easily posted on social network profile pages, blogs, and other personal web pages. With the MixIt tool, iTunes users can build their personalized playlist on iTunes, and then easily share their customized iMix music selections with their family members, friends and millions of other music lovers across the web with a single click – no cutting and pasting of code is required.

      “People pride themselves on their iMix playlists. Now users can easily share their iMix lists with their family and friends” said Giles Goodwin, co-founder of Widgetbox. “We expect the reach of iTunes to expand further than before imagined as the viral nature of web widgets will enhance growth.”

      The Widgetbox Showcase for iTunes is available immediately to anyone visiting Users who already have iMix lists published in the iTunes Store can immediately use Widgetbox’s MixIt tool to create their customized iMix widget. Once this process is completed, the MixIt widget can be easily embedded in social-networking profile pages, blogs, and other web pages. Friends and family can easily get a MixIt for their own web pages and continue passing it on to additional friends.

About Widgetbox

Widgetbox helps people express, connect, create and inform using web widgets that can be easily shared and distributed anywhere on the web. Widgetbox has the largest selection of web widgets and the most comprehensive set of tools for the management and distribution of your web widgets. Widgetbox serves both the producers and the consumers of widgets. For more information, please see


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