Be the BOT: Fool websites by changing your Header

Often on the internet we land up in situations, wherein the search returns exactly what we intend to figure out; however, upon following the link and checking the website, just doesn’t show us the content we came looking for. This usually happens because the owners of such websites usually try to trick the end user to buy or register something.

Whenever a request is usually made over the internet, the request also carries something called as “Header”. The Header information has information pertaining to the browser, the user -agent etc. In case of Google search engine bot ( which keeps crawling the web), this user-agent is “GoogleBot“.

Be the Bot

Often, the programmer’s of the websites check out the header of the visitor and if it is lets assume ” GoogleBot”, they allow the Bot to read all the data. Therefore, a very simple trick to fool up the programming logic is by making them believe that we are not Firefox/Internet Explorer but GoogleBot ūüėČ

There is a very famous Firefox Addon which can do this trick for you, its called User Agent Switcher. User Agent Switcher adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser.

The other way can be to access Be The Bot, the website also does the same thing i.e. Agent Switching.
Follow the Below mentioned steps to access the website and get results of your choice.

1) Have the URL of the website you wish to use handy.
2) Enter this URL in “Enter URL” box as shown in the website.

3) Click Go, and you’re all set.

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Secure Gmail: Automatically Switching from HTTP to HTTPs in Gmail

Its a known fact that Gmail uses HTTPS connection only for Login. However, once the login has successfully been done, HTTP protocol is reinforced for each conversation. This means that if you are over an unsecure, unencrypted wireless   Secure Gmail        Unsecure

network; your messages can easily be read by others.

In order to protect this from Happening, iMacro has developed a macro which forces the conversations to use HTTPS in place of HTTP.

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