Latest from NOKIA on Battery Replacement.

This ad appeared in Times Of India, Bangalore edition yesterday. I feel it should help readers trying to get a hang of the entire scenario.

Nokia Battery Replacement

Nokia Battery Replacement

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Site of the week – The Wondering Ministrels

Not all homosapiens are interested in poetry. But all intelligent people who understand wit, sarcasm, words and wisdom will fall in love with this site. Its a little complicated to remember :

Ya, I thought so 🙂 So you can use the technique I use for locating it. Just type “Jenny kissed me” in your google toolbar and the second result will be ‘bingo’. Why such weird search words? Coz its a weird lovely poem. Google really doesnt have a choice but to throw it amongst top three answers. For the real reason, you gotta mail me 🙂

It is a site run by the Rice University. The Wondering Ministrels is what it is called.

Best features of the site:

  • No frills site. Exhibits poems in the fastest uncomplicated way.
  • Poems dated back to 1800 can be found .
  • No other site provides poem-search based on Length (number of lines) option. Most of my favourites are either 2 or 6 liners.
  • Very insightful selective opinions of readers on every poem.

Index page has intelligent navigational options like:

  • Length of the poem
  • Search based on initial alphabet of the poet or poem or poem’s first line.
  • Or can type in the poet’s name in the small search box on the top right-side.
  • When you click on the authors name in any poem page, it lists down a list of other poems by the author

Thats the site of the week –  The Wondering Ministrels

Signing off ~

Aruna Sundaresan

Nokia Admits BL-5C batteries are UNSAFE.

Nokia has officially admitted that BL-5C batteries are unsafe. Nokia has for the first time came out officially saying that BL-5C batteries manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan may be unsafe. There are around 300 million batteries of this model already in market.
Nokia has advised the customers to check for battery issue at the website

Incase, if you are in India, please dial up the number below to get in touch with the Nokia care desk (30303838 )

I gotta check mine too 😉