PulpTunes Lets you take your iTunes with you

If you are someone who has a got a huge music collection in your iTunes at home and you need to go out suddenly. What do you do? Sync up your iPod already starving on Space with more songs? Well, with PulpTunes installed on your machine, you need not bother.

PulpTunes is the Webserver for iTunes. It allows you to let you or other people listen to the songs in your iTunes. So from now on, if you are away and still want to access that music on your home computers hard drive, all you need to do is install and configure PulpTunes.


Screenshot from PulpTunes

Image: Screenshot from PulpTunes

Check out PulpTunes Demo. Also, you can download and install PulpTunes by clicking here.

Well coming to the Wishlist, i certainly would like to see some kind of a sharing and rating engine, using which i can see other’s iTunes playlist, rate them, share my playlist etc and yeah, did i tell you, a search feature would be great.

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