6 Best Photo Sharing Websites

If you are someone who loves to share the precious and memorable photo clicks, this article will brief you about 6 Best Photo Sharing Websites. Using these websites, you can store your photos,videos and share them online with your friends and family. These websites offer unique advantages and are worth a try.

1.) FlickrFlickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. It offers both Photo and Video Sharing facility. Flickr which was originally started by enthusiasts to share game screens is now a full fledged professional photo sharing website owned by Yahoo. When you have a free Flickr account, only 200 recent photographs are displayed. You can even buy a PRO account by shelling off 25$ a year. Pro account has lots of features and benefits and you can find them here.


6 Best Photo Sharing Websites

Image: 6 Best Photo Sharing Websites

2.) PhotoBucket: PhotoBucket lets you Sign up for free and upload upto 10000 photos and many hours of video. You have the option of sharing these photos and videos with your friends and family using the various options like via email, Messenger or Mobile. PhotoBucket also gives you the facility to print Wallpaper with your photos. Interestingly, it also allows you to make slideshows and mash it up with captions and special effect. You can even link it to your profile, blog or website.

One of the photo shared on SmugMug

Image: One of the photo shared on SmugMug

3.) SmugMug: If you are a professional photographer SmugMug is the way to go. It offers various features from Unlimited Storage to Full screen, silky smooth Flash slideshows of your Photos. Standard Edition of SmugMug comes at $39.95 p.a. and for a Pro account you need to pay $149.95. Check out the other features here.

Picasa Web Album

Image:Picasa Web Album

4.) Picasa: Picasa is the Google’s way of Photo Sharing Software. It allows for a seamless integration with Google account. A free account with Picasa Web Albums allows you for 1GB of free storage space, however, you can always buy extra space on Picasa.

5.) DropShots: DropShots is a simple, no-frills online photo and video sharing website. DropShots is a easy to use, upload and share website. The images you get post upload are large and high quality images, i.e. Dropshots doesnt scale them down. Another best thing about DropShots is its no-ads service, so now on you need not worry about those annoying ads.

6.) MyPhotoAlbum: MyPhotoAlbum is one of the service i love to talk about. To start with it gives you a personalized web address, something like http://yourname.myphotoalbum.com. MyPhotoAlbum offers unlimited space for photos and videos.It also offers Tagging, RSS Feeds and AOL Instant Messaging right on your album. It also allows you to Embed photos, videos & slideshows on other sites, blogs and profiles. Also, you can create Photo Gifts by printing them on T-Shirts, Mugs etc. You also get 20 Free prints when you sign-up with MyPhotoAlbum

What are the other Photo Sharing websites you use on a regular basis? 


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2 Responses

  1. What about SanpFish, this is also good, give it a try!

  2. Nice Review Vaibhav, I want to know is it better to signup for these photo sharing websites which only provides sharing photos with your friend online or shd I go with something like Snapfish India which also provides photo sharing and if I want my photos to be printed they offer this service too and whtz more some sites like http://www.photosmart.in are offering 30 FREE prints on signup at Snapfish…..so its a win win situation for a customer like me……………..wht do u suggest?


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