[Green Computing] 3 Ways To Go Green With Your Computing Habits

If you are also someone like who wants to save this Earth and contribute in whatever small ways to make this world a Greener, Happier and Lively place to live, this article will help you give a thought to your daily computing habits in order to contribute to a Greener Earth. Also, adopting these habits, can help you save lot of cash in today’s gloomy market condition.

1.) Print, But With Care

If you are someone who usually takes lots of prints everyday, this is something that you should think about. Are you unnecessarily printing Emails just because you find it good to read on a paper than on a laptop screen? If yes, this is the first computing habit you need to look at. Print, but with care. The paper you print on, comes from the trees. More prints in turn means more need for paper, which clearly will lead to lesser trees. Less tress is simply less Green.

You can also contribute to a Greener Earth, by changing your Printing Preferences. Windows by defaults, prints single page on a single sheet. If your need allows, you can change this setting to print 2 pages ( i wont advice more) on a single sheet. Also, if your printer can handle it, make it a duplex job. If you cannot print 2 pages on a single sheet, try reducing the size of the font. This ways, atleast you will help by saving on Ink.

Changing your Printing Preferences can help save a lot of paper

Image: Changing your Printing Preferences can help save a lot of paper

Printing with care is one of the most easiest way of contributing to a Greener World. If you have colleagues who do the same, you can help educate them by adding a few lines like

Please consider before you print this email. Printing an email consumes paper which comes from Trees. Help conserve the nature by saving on the paper.

2.) Are you consuming too much Power?

This is another tip which can help you save on Power Consumption. Windows can automatically switch off your Laptop or Desktop after a certain idle time. You can configure this by going to the Control Panel and then selecting the Power Options. 

Optimizing Power Options of your computer can help save Power.

Image: Optimizing Power Options of your computer can help save Power.

If you often go-away for meetings or leave your computer unattended, you can possibly configure your system to turn off your monitor, hard disk and go on a stand-by after a certain idle time. You might also be interested in learning about Saving on your iPod Power and Getting more from your Mobile Battery.

3.) Turn Off When Done

If you are done with your computing needs, do remember to switch off your monitor, printers, scanners etc. Even though you might find it hard to switch it off and then switch it on everytime, believe me, this is something that can contribute to the green earth. Even if your computer is on a low power mode, it still draws power. 

You might even consider switching off the charging units for your camera, mobiles, batteries etc as soon as they are done.

What are the other ways by which one can contribute towards a Greener Earth? Do mention them in comments and i shall update the post with backlinks.

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