Join Akamai’s State of the Internet Report Webinar on 17th December

Akamai, the leader in Content Delivery Network earlier had released its State of the Internet Report with details about the health of the internet, traffic details based on various states and countries and also had categorised the internet traffic into various categories like attack traffic, traffic for news site, retail traffic etc. Akamai is now organizing a Webinar to discuss the state of the internet.

Akamai State of Internet

Image:Akamai State of Internet

Are you concerned about how Internet outages and related problems impact your customers’ ability to access your online business? Have you secured your Web sites against Denial of Service attacks? Do you factor in broadband adoption rates as you look to optimize performance of your online operations on a global scale?

Join Akamai, the market leader in managed services for powering rich media, dynamic transactions, and enterprise applications online, as they discuss the state of the Internet and its impact on the online industry. 

During this Webinar, David Belson, Director of Market Intelligence at Akamai, will lead an interactive discussion providing insights into:

Broadband Adoption Trends

Impact On Adoption of HD Video

Vulnerabilities in Core Internet Protocols

Attack Traffic Trends

Online Data Visualization Tools

When will this webinar take place?

This webinar will take place on December 17th 2008 and there will be two sessions: 7:30 pm Indian Standard Time (9.00 am EST) and 11:30 pm Indian Standard Time (1.00 pm EST)

How Much will this Event Cost?

This is a FREE event. There is no charge. Click here to register.

If you have any other questions regarding this webinar, do drop me a line and i will get back to you with an answer.

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