Google Analytics Channel on Youtube

If you are someone who is looking out for video tutorials or coverage on various Google Analytics topics like, Google Analytics for Flash, Custom Reporting, Advanced Segments etc, there is good news for you coming from Google. Now, you can check out all these videos on Google Analytics Channel on Youtube.

Google Analytics Blog says

Today, we’re pleased to announce the Google Analytics Channel on YouTube, a one-stop source for the latest Google Analytics-related videos. If you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to interpreting and acting on your data, an introduction to motion charts, or you want to learn how perform placement targeting in 60 seconds, you can now find it at And, just to prove that we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’ll add the occasional music video 🙂

Below Embedded video from the channel Shows How To Use Google Analytics data to expand your business with location targeted campaigns in AdWords. Here’s how to do it easily, with Google Analytics’ Map Overlay report.

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