BlackBerry Bold: Smartphone with great looks and features

BlackBerry Bold is one of the best looking Blackberry Phone you would have looked at. This post describes some interesting features of Blackberry Bold 9000. These review comments are derived from my experience of using a BlackBerry Bold 9000.


BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Bold



Display: BlackBerry Bold comes in with a 480X320 Pixels display with 65K colors.

Casing: BlackBerry Bold 9000 also comes with a smooth Aluminium Casing and a leather like finish.

KeyBoard: BlackBerry Bold 9000 posseses a QWERTY keyboard and also has a trackball for navigational purposes.

Messaging: People buy BlackBerry for the messaging features and this is an area which holds the focus when it comes to buying a BlackBerry. Going with that, BlackBerry Bold allows you to configure upto 10 email accounts per device.

Connectivity and Interfacing: BlackBerry Bold comes with a host of connectivity features like Wifi, Bluetooth and also features HSPDA. It also comes with a 3.5mm Audio Jack to help you connect your External Speakers or EarPhones.

Operating System: BlackBerry Bold 9000 runs on BlackBerry OS. 

Camera: BlackBerry Bold 9000 has a 2MP camera which can shoot pretty good still pictures.

Add-on features: BlackBerry Bold comes with a GPS interface and also has capabilities to help you create and view Data Viz Documents. Allows you to watch movies and manage your music while on the move. Also as always, you can surf the internet too.

Though, it does possess quite a lot of interesting features, i did got a memory low warning almost as soon as i started using the phone. I then restarted the phone and the memory issue was resolved. Have you also faced such an issue?

Overall BlackBerry Bold is an Enterprise Phone with Multimedia capabilities. If you are someone who is willing to buy a BlackBerry with style, BlackBerry Bold is the phone you should go for.

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