[Startups] 5 Killer Tips to Get your Startup Observed

If you are someone who runs a startup and have always thought about getting it observed, noticed and talked about, these 5 tips will helps you achieve that.

1.) Get a Blog. Write about your Startup and let the people know.

Though this sounds like something easy to do, in practise maintaing and updating a blog is not the easiest thing to do. A blog helps you by getting you an audience, helping you get your content on to the search engines and also get you feedback about your approach or product. A strategy i can recommend here is to have the blog as a path component of your website. So if your website is http://www.foo.com having a blog at http://www.foo.com/blog will help you get your website continously indexed by search engines. 

Use your blog as a way to keep your customers, prospects, employees and others informed. Write useful content and do engage in conversation with other bloggers to help you get backlinks and reviews about your products. Remember, when it comes to blogging, relationships matter.

2.) Network with other Startups and Startup Enthusiasts

Networking is a key to success when it comes to getting observed by others. Do try making it to networking events like Open Coffee Club, Barcamps, Startup Lunch, Proto or any such event where you can meet, interact and discuss your startup with other like minded people.

3.) Engage a PR Agency for better coverage.

PR Agencies can certainly help you get coverage amongst the media folks. However, this will work for your benefit, if you have a product and a customer you can talk about. In today’s OCC meet we learnt about PR.  

If you are a startup low on cash, try going through the various Free PR Wires available. Be sure that you write interesting content and showcase your though leadership. If you article is interesting and sounds value, it might get picked up by a few leading media channels.

4.) Get an account for your startup with Twitter, Wikipedia and Youtube.

This is one of the most effective tip. Ensure that your startup has a Twitter channel. Twitter is an interesting space to be in. If you are new to Twitter, you need to read What is Twitter?. Use Twitter to effectively Publicize your brand and your blog and also to track what others are saying about your startup.

Also its important that you have a few backlinks coming to you from Wikipedia. This is pretty simple to achieve if you are a thoughtleader or working on a product which has the potential to revolutionize the industry space.  All you need to do is edit the existing Wikipedia entry. Also mention relevant links from your blog or product page. Ensure that the editing you do for the Wikipedia link contains relevant content, else you might have to face the heat from moderators.

Youtube can help you get a face and a voice. You can use this to demo your products, services or opine your views. Integrate the Youtube channel with your blog in a way that you have relevant videos complementing your posts.

5.) Get Reviewed by relevant Startup and Technology Blogs.

This is also a key tip. Submit your startup with specific notes and text about your startup to some key sources. Below is a list of key sources you can try approaching for reviews.

  • TechCrunch: TechCrunch, founded on June 11, 2005, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling     and reviewing new Internet products and companies. You can submit your startup to Techcrunch by clicking here.
  • Pluggd.in: Pluggd.in is another interesting weblog you can consider submitting your Startup. This is particularly important resource for startups in India. You can submit your startup to Pluggd.in here.
  • You can also get reviewed by Technofriends, if you are a startup and have a product in Technology space, write to me at pandey.vaibhav@gmail.com.  I will write a detailed review for relevant startups.

You can follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/vaibhav1981

Do stay tuned to Technofriends for more, one of the best ways of doing so is by subscribing to our feeds. You can subscribe to Technofriends feed by clicking here.


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