Program for the Future

Program for the Future Conference is an event which will Focus on Collective Intelligence is happening on 8th and 9th December. 

On December 8 and 9 as part of the program, we’ll hear from some of today’s most provocative speakers, then brainstorm ways to enhance our capability for problem solving, decision making, knowledge organization, and planning in every field of human endeavor.

You can attend and participate in the event Virtually, follow this link.

You can participate from anywhere through Twitter, FriendFeed, Slideshare, Blogs and Comments to blogs.

Twitter hashtag #pftf

You can also use the same tag for other media – Flickr,, YouTube, FriendFeed etc. 

The Program for the Future will also launch a global competition for new tools that improve Collective Intelligence.  This competition will run for one year, and winners will be on display at The Tech Museum and the MIT Museum.

Do mark your Calendars and attend the event. If you are already planning to attend and blog about the event, do mark your link in the comment so that i can update the post with your link.

[Update]: Read about the event at

5 Responses

  1. Hi Vaibhav,
    Thanks for the post. Hope you can participate online.

  2. Yes Dorai. I will try my level best to attend. Else i will be following this on twitter and your blog 🙂

  3. Hi Vaibhav,
    We updated the tag to pftf. Can you kindly update the post. PFF had too many links that were not relevant from the past.

  4. I’m at the event and blogging a bit at

  5. Thanks Peter. I have updated the blog with your link.

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