[How-To] Convert your Audio Tapes to MP3

If you are someone who has a huge collection of Audio Tapes or cassetes and wish to convert them to MP3 format so that you can play them over your music system or for that matter your computer, this is the post to read.

This post describes a step by step process of converting your Audio Tapes to MP3 Format Audio which can later be burned using a CD Burner.

Follow the steps below to convert your Audio Tapes or Cassettes to MP3

1.) First things first, you need to have your Cassette and the Tape Recorder. 

2.) You would also need a cable with double jacks for audio out from your recorder to audio in of your computer.

3.) Insert the cable to the Audio Out port of your Cassette player and insert the other end of the jack into the Mic input slot for Audio In.

4.) Download SuperMP3Recorder software to help you with the recording.


Set the bitrate to 192KBps.

Set the bitrate to 192KBps.

5.) Select atleast 192KBps bitrate from the MP3 Options under the Settings menu.




6.) Once you have configured the settings, press Record button on SuperMP3Recorder and then play the cassette tape on the player. 

7.) Your audio is now getting converted to MP3 format.

Do comment if you had any issues while converting your Audio Tapes to MP3. I will be happy to help.

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