Hewlett Packard TX2Z is a tablet PC you would love to work on.

Recently i got a chance to review a friend’s HP TX2Z tablet PC and i must say, i was impressed. In this short post, i will describe some key features of HP TX2Z tablet PC.

HP TouchSmart TX2Z

HP TouchSmart TX2Z

Basic features of HP TX2Z


  • TouchScreen: HP TX2Z is a mutitouch, fully convertible tablet PC with a 12 inch screen display. With Multitouch, i mean that you can use more than one finger (e.g., index and thumb) at the same time. Something which most of the tablet PC’s lack.
  • Memory: HP TX2z comes with 3GB of RAM by default, however, you have the option of upgrading upto 8GB. 
  • Hard Disk: HP TX2z comes with a 250GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive. 
  • DVD Burner: As expected, HP TX2Z does come with a DVD Burner. 
  • Operating System: HP TX2z comes with a pre-configured Windows Vista operating system. 
  • Processor: Interestingly, HP TX2z runs on a AMD Turion Dual Core processor.
  • Does it have a Stylus? Yes. HP Tx2z also comes with a very fine stylus 

Are there any other interesting points worth knowing other than the one’s listed above?

Yes. These are the points i found most interesting while working on and reviewing the HPTX2Z.

  • Embedded Altec Lansing Speakers for stereo sound. 
  • Design Element of HP TX2Z is amazing. As you see and work on it, you just fall in love with this machine.
  •  Strong Hardware. HP is known to produce good hardware and it seems to have delivered that into the TX2Z as well.

Are there any points you were disappointed with?

Well, yeah. As we grow our expectations too grow and so was the case with HP Tx2Z. 
  •  Windows Vista: I wish they had chosen a custom unix/linux installation instead of Windows Vista as the pre-configured operating system. 
  •  Battery Life: I wish this could have been better. 
  •  Price: HP TX2Z comes at a entry price of close to 1150$ ( approximately, 50000 Indian Rupee). This sounds like too much for an entry level tablet PC.
Do you own a HP TX2Z? How has your experience been with HP TX2Z. Try out the Amazon Store or the TechBargain store for Discounts on HP TX2Z and other computer and gadgets. 

One Response

  1. Helpful review… although the statement “$1150 too much for an entry-level tablet PC” doesn’t wash.

    How the heck does 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD, dual core CPU and multitouch qualify the tx2z as an “entry level” tablet pc??!?

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