WordPress 2.7 is coming live for WordPress.com users tomorrow

Seems like WordPress is on a roll. Yesterday they released the WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 and now they have another news for us. Wordress.com users will get the WordPress 2.7 version rolled out tomorrow. i.e. Thursday.

Jane Wells says,

As promised, here is the advance notice that WordPress 2.7 is coming to WordPress.com, and will go live on Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 8pm Eastern Time.

For those of you who use WordPress, do go through the Browser Recommendation part which clearly insists users to switch to Firefox 3, Google Chrome or Safari 3

A note on browser capabilities: WordPress 2.7 makes extensive use of JavaScript to create the user experience outlined here. If you have JavaScript turned off in your browser, some features may not be available or may work a bit differently than described here. In addition, using a recent standards-compliant browser will ensure that you have an optimal experience. Older browsers that are not supported by their manufacturers any longer may not look as expected; we recommend Firefox 3Google Chrome, and Safari 3.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you very much! very useful information, it is useful for my work on the Internet! +1

  2. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I will make sure to check this out.

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