PicClick Offers Better Search for Products on Ebay and Amazon

If you are also one of those who feels tired with the thought of searching Ebay and Amazon for your favorite products, PicClick is for you. 


PicClick offers tabbed and elegant way for searching products on Ebay and Amazon.

PicClick offers tabbed and elegant way for searching products on Ebay and Amazon.

This sounds good, How do i get started with PicClick?

PicClick gives you a tabbed search for products on Ebay and Amazon. All you need to do to begin is

1.) Point your browser to PicClick and Enter the product you wish to search for.

2.) Enter a minimum and maximum price for the product.

3.) Enter your zipcode.

4.) Press Search to get the results on the screen.

In short, PicClick is a simple tool that is more easier and fun to use than the built-in search tools on eBay and Amazon. 

Any Idea how will the owners of PicClick make Money?

Oh..there can be ways to monetize this kind of a website. The two most attractive one’s are referral bonus from Amazon and eBay and the other is as simple as it can get, contextual advertising for the search criterias.

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  2. […] admin wrote an interesting post today onPicClick Offers Better Search for Products on Ebay and Amazon …Here’s a quick excerptPicClick lets you search for products on Ebay and Amazon the better way. […]

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