Backup4All helps you take your Backups with ease

Backup4All is an interesting software utility which helps you take your data backups with ease. It offers a intuitive , feature rich interface which helps you save time while taking backups.

Earlier, you had learnt about Automating Data Backup in Windows, this tool takes this a step ahead with the various easy to use, intutitive and universal features. Backup4All offers following 5 exciting features apart from many others.

Make it a habit to backup your data. The best strategy for backing up your data is to do a full image backup, create an incremental backup every day and create a new full-image backup once a week.

What are some interesting Backup4All features?

1.) Backup Wizard: Backup4All offers an exciting wizard which helps you give step-by-step instructions to create a new backup job by selecting Where, What, How and When to backup.

Backup4All Main Window for backing up your data.

Backup4All Main Window for backing up your data.

2.) Various Backup types to choose from: Backup4All offers different backup types to choose from: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and mirror backup.

3.) In built Scheduler: In built scheduler helps you schedule your backups thereby automating the backup process.

4.) Test your backup: Backup4All also lets you test the backup using CRC32.This ensures that the files have been backed up properly and the backup is safe.

5.) Send your backup to specific locations and also get email alerts: Backup4All allows you to send your backup to any specific location, be it a specific drive, CD, DVD or an FTP Location. Once the backup is done, you can also configure.

Backup and Restore your data using Backup4All

Backup and Restore your data using Backup4All

On top of all the above 5 features, Backup4All also lets you restore your backup. So in short, Backup4All gives you total control for all your backup needs, an ultimate solution for all your backup problems.

Backup4All is available in various flavors from Professional to Lite. You can download Backup4All from here by paying a nominal fees. Backup4All trial is also available for free with a 30 day timeline usage.

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