Google to discontinue Lively in December.

Earlier Google had launched Lively a product from Google Labs. Essentially Lively is a browser plug-in which lets you create and join existing customized virtual “rooms” in-browser to chat with your friends and associates. 

Lively from Google to be discontinued in December.

Lively from Google to be discontinued in December.

Yesterday evening Google announced that Lively will be discontinued in December.


Official Google Blog says

Google has always been supportive of this kind of experimentation because we believe it’s the best way to create groundbreaking products that make a difference to people’s lives. But we’ve also always accepted that when you take these kinds of risks not every bet is going to pay off. 

That’s why, despite all the virtual high fives and creative rooms everyone has enjoyed in the last four and a half months, we’ve decided to shut Lively down at the end of the year. It has been a tough decision, but we want to ensure that we prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business. will be discontinued at the end of December, and everyone who has worked on the project will then move on to other teams.

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